HOP{SCOTCH} Montreal
None of us are as interesting as our grandpas.

// cloudworks//

Artist, Berndnaut Smilde, created indoor clouds using a smoke machine and closely controlling the atmospheric and lighting conditions in the room.


(Source: gizmag.com)

My mom and her dance friends back in the 80s I think.

I have her to blame for my career choice and future poverty. In a good way.


A fun thing to yell at friends and family.

// new girl//

Saying goodbye to my first blog and starting completely fresh with a new one. I wanted to use something that was more accessible and, for some unexplainable reason, it just didn’t feel right anymore. Besides, as my photo professor says, sometimes you have to kill your baby.

the other day in morning technique class, my teacher kept comparing a dance move to small children getting crushed by cars.

death to infants is a recurring theme here at concordia.

thoughts and photos from an islander / montreal via PEI